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Suppliers Registration


Welcome to REDF supplier portal!

As per REDF's vision to increase the automation in order to have more efficient, transparent, and productive business processes, we have decided to extend this facility to our current and prospective supplier by launching this supplier portal. The portal provides the following facilities:

-          Electronic registration for REDF's prospective suppliers (online 24*7) using the system

-          Review all procurement related transactions using the system

-          Maintain your records online with REDF using the system

-          Submit your work confirmation online and automatically initiate your invoice using the system(coming soon)

Registration Process


Important notes:

-          The registration request can be rejected due to multiple reasons (for example and not limited to: The supplier list for the related service/product is full, Bad feedback from the market, Incomplete/inaccurate provided information)

-          Before you start on the registration services, kindly review and prepare all the required information, document copies. You can review them from the below link




Post Registration

Upon registration, the supplier shall receive notification with all credentials required to access his account on REDF's supplier portal system and he can update easily his information online without contacting REDF's vendor management team.

REDF's vendor management team is making a periodic evaluation to suppliers to ensure the quality of the provided service, this can result the following:

-          In case of good evaluation result and feedback: Supplier shall be added to the preferred supplier list

-          In case of bad feedback: REDF's vendor management team shall investigate and take the necessary action based on the situation 

Important Notes

-          The supplier is responsible of updating his document, information, and certificates on the system

-          REDF's vendor management team has the right to put the supplier on-hold in case his document, information, or certificates are not up to date or expired on the system

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